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Bargain Bin

Stop in our and see what might be just right for your next project.

Our Bargain Bin houses hundreds of different items including patio doors, steel or fiberglass entry doors, kitchen cabinetry, toilets, shutters, bath tubs, showers, jacuzzis, vanities, all types of window styles and sizes from brand name manufacturers.


All of our items have either been our ordering mistake or have been discontinued, closed out, returned for something different, scratched or dented. There are new items coming and going every day.

3/0 6/8 WP105

6 panel pine door unit.

Left hand in swing

Split jamb

Already stained

With colonial casing attached

SALE $130.00

Call to reserve this item

(802) 476-4156

3/0 6/8 PR730

Primed, louvered door unit

Closet application

Right hand out swing

4 9/16 primed flat jamb

No casing

SALE $151.00

Call to reserve this item

(802) 476-4156

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